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First Presbyterian Church of Rowlett, TX and the successor name, Faith Presbyterian Church Reformed of Mesquite, TX have published thousands of pages of articles since 1992. Early in 1990 FPCR began what we called "The Blue Banner BBS" or Bulletin Board System. We had zipped text files back in those days of 1200 baud connections. We took our BBS onto the internet via the old FIDO messaging system and eventually we went directly to the internet with the registration of our domain name in 1996. We have been the clearing house for literally "gigabytes" of articles over the past 18 years. This has made it very difficult for us to keep all the articles in an easily and intuitively arranged filing system online. Below you will find our most recent attempt to do this. Although it may appear from our first page that we are still hosting audio, the fact is we link to our audio which is hosted at the SermonAudio website of Stephen Lee. Thus all the storage here at FPCR.ORG is taken up with PDF formatted e-books and other PDF and HTML articles that we believe to be of some enduring interest to the Christian or Reformed public. Some are original or were written for The Blue Banner. Others are public domain, are used by permission, or are classics that we believe deserve to remain available.

The interactive buttons below, arranged in groups of six, are marked in such a way as to give the reader an idea of what subject will be covered in the portion of the directory to which that button links. Once the reader gets to the portion of the directory page dealing with that subject, the articles are listed as links either to the whole article or to the table of contents for the article in the case of longer ones. Click on the title of the article, which is usually in italics, and your browser will be pointed to the top of the article in question. If you wish to open a second window, you may "right click" and choose that option and the article will be opened in a new iteration of your browser.

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Articles On Church & State

Goliath's Sword In Righteous Hands, Dr. Richard Bacon

Josiah Vs. Erastianism, Al Hembd

     Part One

     Part Two

     Part Three

Tyranny In Tyler: A Response to James Jordan, Editor The Blue Banner

Articles On Education

Importance Of Education For Covenant Children, Dr. Richard Bacon

No Neutral Ground, Dr. Richard Bacon

Public Education, J. Gresham Machen

Articles On Ecclesiology

The Old Testament Sanhedrin, Dr. Richard Bacon

Select Thoughts On The Temple, Dr. Richard Bacon

Select Thoughts On The Synagogue, Dr. Richard Bacon

Built Upon The Rock, Dr. W. Gary Crampton & Richard Bacon

The Ministerial Assembly, Samuel Rutherford (update by Dr. Bacon)

Five Short Essays, Dr. Richard Bacon & Dr. Edwin Elliott

    Simplicity, Scripture, And A Three-Legged Stool

    Christian Liberty

    Jesus Versus The Rabbis

    Liberty Of Conscience

    Exchange Of Records

Constituting True Churches, James Durham

Answers To PCA Consensus, various authors.  This series of articles is of some historical interest, in that it answers a document that sought to restructure the Presbyterian Church in America in 1992. However, the principles set forth in the six individual articles (links from the booklet) are of abiding interest for the subjects of worship, missions, polity, etc.

Articles On The Family

Keeping A Father's Commandments, Dr. Bacon

Finding A Life Partner: Dating #1, Dr. Bacon

Dangers Of Dating: Dating #2, Dr. Bacon

Dating Vs. Courtship: Dating #3, Dr. Bacon

Articles On Images And Pictures Of Christ

Indifferent Imaginations, Chris Coldwell

Unlawful Imaginations, Chris Coldwell

Additional Material, compiled by Dr. Bacon and Mr. Coldwell

Last Temptation Of Christ, Session of FPCR

Article On Christ's Mediatorial Kingdom

The Mediatorial Kingdom And Glories of Jesus Christ, Samuel Davies

Articles On Sacraments And Worship

Judas And The Lord's Supper, George Gillespie

Critique Of Schlissel's "Informed Principle Of Worship," G. I. Williamson

Frequency Of Communion, Dr. Bacon

Objections To Paedobaptism Answered (Outline), Dr. Bacon

Use Of A Table In Communion, James Begg  This article by Begg is divided into seven sections. This link will take you to the table of contents for the entire article. Once you have reached the table of contents, everything from the Introduction to the Conclusion has its own link.

Use Of Headcoverings In Worship, Dr. Bacon  At the time this lesson was taught, Dr. Bacon was concerned with demonstrating that women should be covered and men should be uncovered in public worship. This article deals with that subject. The principles that Dr. Bacon teaches in this article, however, are as much applicable to private and family worship as they are to congregational worship.

Public Worship: When And Why Public Worship Is Preferable To Private Worship, David Clarkson

Scriptural Worship, Dr. Carl Bogue

A Day In Zion, Text Of A FPCR Worship Service  The purpose of including this 1994 worship service text is to give a "feel" for what a worship service is like at FPCR. At this time, the worship services follow an almost identical format and order as A Day In Zion, but baptisms take place only when appropriate. When baptisms do take place, it is commonly the subject of the sermon.

Beyond Canterbury: A Review Of "Liturgical Nestorianism," Dr. Bacon

Trapped In The Liturgy Trap, Rev. Greg Price

Notable Problems, Rev. Timothy Worrell

Articles On Psalmody

Hints For Using The Comprehensive Psalter, Dr. Tim Baker

Psalms Or Hymns In Public Worship, Rev. Hugh Cartwright  This short article is copyright Free Presbyterian Magazine and used by permission. In it Rev. Cartwright offers a critical review of Ian Murray's pamphlet, "Should The Psalter Be The Only Hymnal Of The Church?"

Singing The Name Of Jesus, Dr. Bacon

Psalm Singing Remembered, LaVerne Rosenberger

Objections: Do We Sing Paraphrases?, Dr. Bacon

New Songs Of Zion, Michael Bushell  This article is an excerpt from Mr. Bushell's book on Exclusive Psalmody entitled The Songs of Zion. The book is copyright 1977 by Michael S. Bushell and this excerpt is used by permission of the author. The book may be purchased from Crown & Covenant Publications, 7408 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15208-2531 (

Debate On Psalmody, Dr. Bacon and Dr. W. Gary Crampton

Objections: Ten More Objections Answered, Dr. Bacon

Worship Song Regulated By Scripture, Dr. Bacon

Psalms, Hymns, And Spiritual Songs, Dr. Bacon This is a short and extemporaneous explanation of Ephesians 5:19 given many years ago in Rowlett, TX

Calvin's Preface To The Psalter (1543), John Calvin

Westminster And Lining The Psalms, Chris Coldwell

Articles On Musical Instruments

Instrumental Music In The Public Worship Of The Church, John Girardeau

Musical Instruments In Psalm 150 and Update, Dr. Bacon

Instrumental Music In Religious Worship, Rev. John M'Donald

A Debate Over The Use Of The Organ, A series of articles from 1849

Dabney's Review of Girardeau, Dr. Robert Dabney's 1889 review of the first article in this subject group

Articles On "Holy" Days

A Christmas Sermon, by Samuel Davies

History of "Christmas" In American Presbyterianism, Chris Coldwell

Letter On Christmas Observance, Samuel Miller

Presbyterians Should Not Observe Holy Days, Samuel Miller

Various Articles Regarding Observance Of Easter, Christmas, Etc., Various authors

Christmas Examined: Several More Articles On That Day, Various authors

Articles On The Sabbath Day

The Day Changed; The Sabbath Preserved, A. A. Hodge

A Day To Keep, J. C. Ryle

Did Calvin Really Bowl On The Sabbath?, Chris Coldwell

Postscript To The Calvin Bowling Controversy, Chris Coldwell

An Email Exchange With A SDA, Dr. Bacon

Articles On Salvation

How A Holy God Covenants With Sinners, James Durham

Christ's Death A Satisfaction For Sin, James Durham

Concerning Repentance, James Durham

Justification Considerations Part One, John Owen

Justification Considerations Part Two, John Owen

Justifying Many, Dr. Bacon

What Is Justification?, Dr. Bacon

What Is Faith?, Dr. Bacon

Murray On The Free Offer: A Review, Rev. Matthew Winzer

The Gospel & The Free Church Declaratory Act, James Sinclair

Rutherford On Gospel Faith, Dr. Bacon

Whosoever Will May Come, Dr. Bacon

Articles On Text Criticism And Bible Translation

Dr. Hills And The King James Bible, Dr. E. F. Hills


Articles On The Westminster Assembly And The Second Reformation

Jenny Geddes, by W. P. Breed

The Westminster Confession And Logic, Dr. W. Gary Crampton

The "Anonymous" Writings Of George Gillespie, Chris Coldwell

The Directory For Worship & Lining The Psalms, Chris Coldwell

The Significance Of The Westminster Standards, B. B. Warfield

A Westminster Bibliography, Dr. Bacon


    Political Background


    Epistemological Background

    Hermeneutical Background

    The Written Transactions

    The Form Of Government

    The Confession Of Faith


    Select Bibliography


 Articles On The Word Of God

Authorship Of The Book Of Hebrews, Dr. W. Gary Crampton

Teaching The Word Of God, Dr. W. Gary Crampton


Book Reviews

Pastoral Epistles (Gordon H. Clark), reviewed by Dr. W. Gary Crampton

Logical Criticisms Of Text Criticism (Gordon H. Clark), reviewed by Dr. W. Gary Crampton

Logic (Gordon H. Clark), reviewed by Dr. W. Gary Crampton

Rediscovering Catechism (Donald Van Dyken), reviewed by Dr. Bacon (first appeared in The Christian Observer)

God And Evil (Gordon H. Clark), reviewed by Dr. W. Gary Crampton

Three Types Of Religious Philosophy (Gordon H. Clark), reviewed by Dr. W. Gary Crampton

A New Systematic Theology Of The Christian Faith (Robert L. Raymond), reviewed by Dr. W. Gary Crampton

Arrogance Of The Modern (David W. Hall), reviewed by Dr. Bacon

Without A Prayer (John Robbins), reviewed by Dr. Bacon

The Christian Sabbath: Examined, Defended And Applied (Brian Schwertley), reviewed by Dr. Bacon

He Shall Have Dominion (Dr. Ken Gentry), reviewed by Dr. Bacon

Plain Reasons For Dissent (Andrew Clarkson), reviewed by Dr. Bacon

Lord God Of Truth (St. Augustine & Gordon H. Clark), reviewed by Dr. Bacon

The Psalms For Congregational Singing (Kenneth W. Hanko), reviewed by Dr. Bacon

Reckless Faith (John MacArthur), reviewed by Dr. Bacon

Presbyterian Political Manifesto (Michael Wagner), reviewed by Dr. Bacon

Liturgical Nestorianism (James B. Jordan), reviewed by Dr. Bacon

Theses On Worship (James B. Jordan), reviewed by Rev. Timothy Worrell

The Liturgy Trap (James B. Jordan), reviewed by Rev. Greg Price

Sermons By Dr. Richard Bacon

Revival In The Face Of The Enemy

Implications Of Repentance

Kings And Beasts

Haughty Eyes

Envying The Wicked: A Devotion From Psalm 73

The Chief End Of Man (Larger Catechism #1)

The Light Of Nature (Larger Catechism #2)

The Light Of God's Word (Larger Catechism #2)

The Only Rule (Larger Catechism #3)

The Majesty And Holiness Of Scripture (Larger Catechism #4)

The Consistency Of Scripture (Larger Catechism #4)

The Scope Of Scripture (Larger Catechism #4)

Preservation And Miracles (Larger Catechism #4)

The Light And Power Of Scripture (Larger Catechism #4)

The Work Of The Holy Spirit (Larger Catechism #4)

The Nature Of True Conversion

Trembling At The Word Of God

Sermons & Articles By Nigel Lee

Antichrist In Scripture

God's Sovereignty & My Father's Slayer

Miscellaneous Articles



Articles Regarding God's Law

Second Commandment: Part One,  James Durham

Second Commandment: Part Two, James Durham

Second Commandment, Various Authors

Fourth Commandment, Various Authors

Ninth Commandment, James Durham


Articles On The Roman Church-State

Requiem Mass -- Or Resurrected Messiah?, Dr. George Logan

Constituting True Churches Out Of Corrupt Ones, James Durham

Bacon's Books Online

The Visible Church And The Outer Darkness, also available for purchase in perfect-bound edition.


    The Church In Extraordinary Times

    Partakers Of Other Men's Sins

    The Carnal Church & The Outer Darkness

    Some Final Considerations


What Mean Ye By This Service?, A covenantal defense of the historic reformed view against paedo-communion



    Process Of Time

    Prototype For The Lord's Supper

    Passover Replaced

    Appendix A: Female Participation

    Appendix B: Lemasters v. Calvin

    Appendix C: Manna & Manducation

Revealed To Babes, A Covenantal defense of including the children and infants of believers in the worship service

Toward A Christian Worldview, with Dr. W. Gary Crampton

The Pattern In The Heavens: Part One, The theological basis for Presbyterian polity

The Pattern In The Heavens: Part Two, The biblical and historical outworking of Presbyterian polity

Built Upon The Rock, with Dr. W. Gary Crampton, A Summary of Presbyterian polity